Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Friends!

Hello All!

This blog isn't about us, it's about a world of books waiting to be read. It's about authors and their inspiration for characters that cling to our minds as we drift into the dream world at night. This blog is a sass filled literary adventure with us at the reigns!

So we thought we would introduce ourselves, and then you can feel free to introduce YOURSELF by commenting in the comment box below or subscribing to let us know you enjoy our sense of humor (or that you don't enjoy it, but you still click the subscribe button anyways;).

Lexi- Hi guys! My name is Lexi. I like books, Doctor Who, Marvel Comics, and hot tea on cold days, warm days, hot days and even nights. I collect piggy-banks and dragon eggs and am most often found with my nose crammed in a book as I try to devour the words on the pages. My goal is to one day be published author and all that good stuff. I do all the geeky things - Cosplay, reading fan-fiction, aspiring to be more like Spock in all that I do. I am close to my family and my cousin Morgan is cool, and here she is :)

Morgan- Hello lovelies! I also enjoy books, and writing, and old films, well films in general really. My darling cousin and I aspire to write and publish and live in our own little fantasies as often as possible. Reading is what helps me cope with daily struggles and life's challenges; we hope we can not only discover new books for ourselves but also for you! Whether you love reading or not, I know we can make bookworms out of you too. 

 Join us in our literary adventures! 

Lexi & Morgan

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